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You can get started with a vagrant box for elasticsearch. Have a look at

vagrant box add esinabox vagrant init 'esinabox' vagrant up vagrant ssh

#Elasticsearch should be typically installed at /usr/share/elasticsearch

#check the version cd /usr/share/elasticsearch bin/elasticsearch -v

#Start elastic search sudo service elasticsearch start

#Start elastic search sudo service elasticsearch stop

#in case you want to get the latest version #you can remove the existing version sudo dpkg -r elasticsearch sudo dpkg --purge elasticsearch

#and install the newer version wget sudo dpkg -i elasticsearch-1.1.0.deb

#elastic search comes with a lot of usefule plugins

#marvel (check it out at http://localhost:9200/_plugin/marvel/ once installed) sudo bin/plugin -i elasticsearch/marvel/latest

#head (check it out at http://localhost:9200/_plugin/head/ once installed) sudo bin/plugin -i mobz/elasticsearch-head

#kibana (check it out at http://localhost:9200/_plugin/kibana3/ once installed) sudo bin/plugin -url -install elasticsearch/kibana3

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